Management Team

Dr Mark Parry-Billings


Dr Mark Parry-Billings was appointed in 2017 and he also holds the position of Head of Corporate Drug Development for the Chiesi Group. Previously he held leadership positions in R&D for Companies in the UK and Canada. Mark holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford.

Dr Mick Hunter

Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Development

Dr Mick Hunter has responsibility for drug discovery and development in Atopix. He has over 28 years experience in Pharmaceutical and Biotech R&D. He has spent the past 12 years working on the discovery and development of antinflammatory and respiratory drugs. He is also Director of Discovery at Oxagen Ltd. Mick has led Atopix CRTH2 antagonist discovery and development program from concept to Phase IIb.

Mick has experience of leading teams to identify IND candidates and managing them through early clinical development. He is familiar with regulatory environments and has managed biological pilot plants for GMP manufacture. Prior to joining Atopix, Mick held positions at Oxagen Ltd, British Biotech Pharmaceuticals (now Vernalis PLC) and at Searle Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Roy Pettipher

Director of Research

Dr Roy Pettipher has responsibility for all aspects of inflammation biology and pharmacology for Atopix. He has been Director of Research at Oxagen Ltd for the past 14 years where he initiated the CRTH2 antagonist program. Roy gained 13 years experience in anti-inflammatory drug discovery during his time at Pfizer in the US and, previous to that, at Wellcome in the UK.

In the past, Roy has been involved in the initiation and management of a number of drug discovery programmes that have yielded clinical candidates and has published extensively in the field of inflammation biology. His expertise in inflammation biology has proved valuable in the selection and prosecution of CRTH2 as a target for allergic disorders.